Everything You Need to Know About Low MS

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Low MS is one of the newer server hosting companies that entered the scene in 2015. The company saw an opportunity to bring better service to the industry. During their first three years in the business, they developed a “state-of-the-art” game control panel. Today, they are hosting over 50 games including many popular titles for gamers across four continents.

In this article, we’ll dive into what makes Low MS a good server hosting provider, its features, perks and all that it offers. This guide will help you decide if Low MS can provide your server hosting needs. 

Top-Of-The-Line Hardware

Right from the start, Low MS shouts zero to minimal latency and high-performance servers with their branding. They point to their hardware consisting of only the latest and fastest models for the splendid server performance that their customers experience. They use the newest Intel processors, DDR4 memory and first-rate SSDs. 

Instant Setup

After deciding which game to host from their long list of titles, configuring your server, picking the right add-ons and confirming your purchase, Low MS’ system will immediately start setting your server up. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to hop on your favorite game with your friends or gaming community. 

Easy-to-Use Game Panel

One of Low MS’ trademarks is its simple yet powerful control panel that was built in-house. Their control panel has all the features that you’ll need to oversee the activity on your server and configure your server’s settings. Here are some of them: 

  • Mod Manager – allows you to install, uninstall and update mods, plugins and extensions on your server.
  • Log Viewer – displays all activity on your server
  • Commandline Manager – allows server hosts to change their server settings without having to jump in-game. 
  • File Manager – allows you to access your various game files, and rename, copy, download or delete them. 
  • Steam Updates – Keep your game and server up to date. 

Distributed-Denial-of-Service Attacks (DDoS) Protection

Low MS’ servers are equipped with 10 Gbps DDoS Protection. With the safety barriers that Low MS has in place, they have managed to reduce the percentage of issues raised because of DDoS attacks by a whopping 98%. They have mitigated a total of more than 1,580 attacks and counting thanks to the specialized protection that they’re using like Corero SmartWall which prevents attacks that target Steam’s weak points. 

In Low MS’ blog, they mentioned that one of their Rust servers was attacked 514 times in just a matter of two months. But, the attacks did not cause any interruption to the gaming experience of the said Rust community. The players did not even that the server they were playing on was under attack. 

Indie/Niche Games Supported

Unlike other hosting services that only support the biggest and most popular titles, Low MS showcases niche and indie games like Avorion, Interstellar Rift, Blackwake and Rokh. If you’re a fan of games that are developed by independent game developers and you’d like to host a server for one, Low MS might just be the game server hosting provider for you. 

5-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Low MS shows confidence in their servers by offering their customers a 5-day money-back guarantee. This allows customers to test out their servers for 5 days for any defects, bugs and whatnot. If the issue is not resolved within a reasonable amount of time, you will be given a full refund. According to the company’s policy, simply reporting an issue with your server will not entitle you to a refund since some of these issues can easily be resolved. On a case-to-case basis, some refund requests are allowed even when they don’t involve any faults within the server. 

Secure Payment Method

When paying for Low MS services, your personal details will not make their way into Low MS servers or database. Your details will be secure everytime you make a one-time or even recurring payments through your banks or online payment centers. 

Hosting Locations

Since 2015, Low MS has made it its goal to expand its reach worldwide. At the moment, it offers it services to customers in Europe, Asia and the United States. 

United States

  • Miami, Florida
  • New York City, New York
  • Ashburn, Virginia
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Bend, Oregon


  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Nuremberg, Germany


  • Sydney, Australia
  • Singapore, Singapore

More Than 50 Games to Choose From

 Low MS supports more than 50 games including popular titles like the following:

The newest to their list of games include Valheim, a popular exploration and survival game with a hundred thousand players worldwide. In the future, Low MS is planning to add V-rising in their list of supported games, another survival game produced by Stunlock Studios. In the near future, you can also expect to see Airmen, Battletech, Blazing Sails, Cube World, Chivalry 2, Deadside, Exocorps, Frozen Flame, Icarus, Hytale, Kerbale Space Program 2. Memories Of Mars, New World, Night Of The Dead, Out Of Reach, Osiris, Plant Nomads, Palyerunknown Battlegrounds, Redm, Scrap Mechanic, Scum, Survive The Nights, and Valnir Rok.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I cancel my subscription?

If you ever decide to stop your recurring payments, you can simply contact Low MS staff by sending a cancellation request. You can send them one on their website in the Billing page. 

What happens if I lose server data?

According to Low MS policy, it is not their fault if you lose your server’s data. However, they have a Cloud backup feature that you can use to secure your server’s files. The Low MS team encourages all their customers to perform regular backups to avoid data loss. 

Is there an age restriction when putting up a server with Low MS?

Yes, you should be older than 16 years old to set up a server on your own. If you’re under 16, accepting Low MS terms of services means that you have gained your parents’ consent to use their services.

The Verdict

Despite being a young and developing server hosting comapny compared to the long and tested experience of pioneers in the industry, Low MS has proven themselves worthy of their customers trust. It has features that can make server hosting as easy as possible even for newbies. It is also known for quality customer support. One more thing that makes Low MS a great server hosting option is the wide variety of games it supports.

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