Best Game Server Control Panels

Game Server Hosting

A robust and well-built control panel can make or break any game hosting provider. It holds various functions to help you create, configure, and manage your servers more effortlessly. 

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the best game server control panels. We’ll show you their pros and cons, as well as the factors you must look out for in their interface.

What Makes A Game Server Control Panel The Best? 

Control panels typically allow you to deploy and manage multiple game servers. They can also help you allocate your resources, install plugins, and run your entire server with just a few clicks. But what makes the best game server control panels the best?

The best hosting control panel must support various games and FTP for file management, automate billing and subscription, and generate statistics and analytics. They should also have extra features for improved functionality, security, and user experience.

Best Game Server Control Panels


One of the oldest and most widely used game server control panels is TCAdmin. In fact, it’s the most feature-rich control panel here on this list. That’s why many large and distinguished game hosting companies use it for most of their game servers.

As a proprietary control panel, TCAdmin has an automated payment and subscription. It’s also easy to install, stable, and can support an extensive list of games, making it a complete package. Its only caveat is that its interface isn’t at par with other control panels.

Nonetheless, this feature-rich game server control panel lets you manage multiple servers, install various files, mods, maps, and updates in a few clicks, and edit your server’s graphics. It also has many other features on its website that make TCAdmin one of the best.


Pterodactyl is an impressive open-source game server control panel. That means you can take advantage of its complete controls for free. It also uses two-factor authentication, passwords, and HTTPS to make your gameplay more secure.

Compared to TCAdmin, Pterodactyl has a more modern, simple, and better-looking design. It values your security and runs all its game servers in Docker containers. It also supports resource limits and WHMCS and Blesta integration for billing and subscription automation.

However, this game server control panel currently lacks support for some game servers. You may also find its installation process a bit more complicated than the other control panels in this list.


A less costly alternative for TCAdmin is XenoPanel. Its commercial-use interface costs roughly a third of the overall price for other proprietary game server control panels. But you can also get it for free for personal use, which grants you up to three servers only.

Owing to its open-source code, you can easily edit XenoPanel’s features. You’ll also enjoy its extensive game server portfolio, as well as its mod and plugin support. Together, these top-notch functions let you manage all your games from creation to management.

Unlike TCAdmin, this paid-for game server control panel has a brilliantly-crafted and beautifully-designed interface. It lets you self-troubleshoot, prevent errors from happening, and reduce stressful hours of work in creating your server.


Due to Minecraft’s increasing popularity each year, you can now get a custom-made control panel to host and manage your Minecraft servers on your desktop. It contains a rich variety of features that supports all the game’s versions, plugins, and updates. It also has additional features and customizability functions that let you play at ease.


Another paid-for game server control panel is GSP-Panel. It’s less costly than TCAdmin but relatively more expensive than XenoPanel. Nonetheless, it possesses plenty of useful features to make your hosting life easier. It also has a comprehensive tutorial guide on its website to give you advice whenever needed.

This game server control panel supports one-click updates that reduce the time needed to update your server. You can also schedule your update anytime you want. It’s also well-designed and lets you access its controls without any issues.

Other Game Server Control Panels 

Custom Made Control Panel 

There are instances where you’ll find yourself dealing with custom-made control panels. These are interfaces exclusive to a particular game server or hosting provider. Although Multicraft is one example, hosting companies can create customized control panels with unique layouts, designs, and features. The only caveat with this is that you’ll have to practice navigating through its controls.

Open Game Panel 

The Open Game Panel is also an open-source game server control panel like its Pterodactyl control panel counterpart. It’s highly compatible with various game servers and has been around for quite a while.

What you’ll find impressive with this game server control panel is its community forum. It’s filled with active users who may give suggestions to your server. They can also provide you with excellent extensions and add-ons.

However, you may find Open Game Panel’s interface difficult to navigate, unlike Pterodactyl. You also can’t place resource limits on your server, which may only be useful for personal use.


GameAP, short for Game Admin Panel, doesn’t fall behind Open Game Panel as another promising game server panel. It’s also an open-source web-based game server control panel that supports the most sought-after game titles like Counter-Strike, Garry’s Mod, Half-Life, Minecraft, Rust, and Team Fortress.

You also have the option to add any game of your choice to this panel’s toolkit. On top of that, GameAP has a quick and easy installation process that you can do automatically or through GitHub or on shared hosting.

Final Verdict 

Control panels play an integral role in any game server hosting provider. They allow you to easily install and manage various updates, plugins, and mods.

TCAdmin is the perfect feature-rich control panel, while XenoPanel has the most beautifully-designed interface. On the other hand, Pterodactyl is the leading free and open-source game server control panel, followed by Open Game Panel and GameAP.

Multicraft and GSP-Panel also don’t fall short of their competitors. All in all, the control panels listed here can make your overall gaming and hosting experience enjoyable.