5 Most Popular Discord Servers for Unturned

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Unturned has been around since 2017. It places you in a world with both the living and the dead. Because of this, you must learn special abilities, scavenge for food, and deal with zombies and other players alike.

However, meeting new gamers and playing with them is more strategic when you’re part of a Discord community. You’ll meet diverse players who’d want to play, interact, or trade with you.

Below are five of the most popular Discord servers for Unturned. Check them out to see which community suits your playing style the most.

Unturned Community Hub 

The Unturned Community Hub is an active Discord server exclusive to Unturned players. It has roughly 580 members with no less than a hundred online gamers at a time.

You can meet a bunch of friendly Unturned enthusiasts in this gaming hub. Members can also share memes, participate in quick Discord games, or advertise their streams and stores.

On top of this, the Unturned Community Hub has a channel for trading supplies. Players can also call and play with other online gamers.

You can check out the Unturned Community Hub Discord server here. Make sure to read the server’s rules upon entry. 

Freezzer Gaming 

Freezzer Gaming has been an active multiplayer gaming community since 2015. It hosts several games and tons of customizations on its website. But among its list of available games, Unturned is probably Freezzer’s most popular video game of all time.

You’ll catch tons of Unturned servers and plug-ins on this one-stop website. You can be part of a sandbox, semi-vanilla, vanilla, arena, or modded gaming server.

But to meet and interact with other players, you must join Freezzer Gaming’s official Discord server. It has over 5,200 active gamers who are moderated and managed by passionate Unturned gamers 24/7.

In the Freezzer Gaming Discord server, you’ll see different channels for announcements, memes, server suggestions, and questions. There are also various voice rooms for events, casual chats, chill moments, and jams.

Its only rules include no discriminating actions and languages. Its members also don’t tolerate spamming, trolling, and offensive sign messages.

If you think Freezzer Gaming is the right server for your playing needs, visit its website here

Unturned Roleplay

If you’re looking for multiple Unturned roleplay servers on one website, you can check out Unturned Roleplay. It has more than three community-suggested servers for any type of player — Survival, Life, and other custom game mode servers.

However, you’ll only get the most out of Unturned Roleplay’s server if you join its official Discord server. Known as Nylex, you can meet thousands of diverse players from all over the world. It also has a dedicated team with friendly admins and moderators for server support.

Unturned Roleplay’s Discord server has more than 19,000 members and over 2,000 active players at a time. You’ll see a forum for casual discussions, server suggestions, and questions.

There’s also a dedicated store where players can purchase upgrades for their character. In addition, you can join various voice rooms for playing, chilling, and casual chats.

Visit Unturned Roleplay here and see how its Discord server can boost your gaming experience.


Another popular Discord server for avid and casual Unturned players is Ghostcap. In this gaming community, you can meet thousands of gamers, make new friends or foes, and simply have a memorable time.

Unlike the previous Discord servers we featured, Ghostcap hosts other video games like Rust and Minecraft. So its member count reaches over 7,000 gamers. Thus, it’s an ideal community for players who love other games.

Besides this, Ghostcap has text channels where members can share their anime recommendations, memes, music, and photography. In addition, you and your friends can join its gaming lounge and movie voice channels.

Members can get exclusive giveaways and game perks from its upcoming events and store. You can also stream your Unturned gameplay on the Discord server.

Check out Ghostcap’s Discord server here. Remember to run through its rules to prevent getting kicked out of the community.


Unturned players may want to be part of the video game’s official Discord server known as Unturned. With over 31,000 members and 6,500 online players, you’ll have an exciting time meeting new people.

The official Unturned Discord server is an ideal hotspot for casual and experienced players. But you can also catch content creators, streamers, and game contributors in the community.

Because of this, the server’s golden rule is to respect other players. Illegal content and harassment in DMs are also not tolerated by the admins and moderators.

Upon entry into the official Unturned Discord server, you’ll see different text channels for announcements, casual chats, and modding. In addition, you’ll find upcoming contests and giveaways here, as well as recommendations for stores and other gaming hubs.

You’ll also enjoy its dedicated modding channel, where you can view player-curated mods and maps. You can even ask for game support from the admins.

Visit the official Unturned Discord server here.


Play Unturned with other casual and experienced players on a safe Discord server. Learn new skills together, scavenge for food, and fight off the dead.

Before joining any Discord server listed here, read their server rules unless you want to get kicked out of your Unturned community.

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