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Despite being released towards the tail-end of 2013, RUST remains a very popular game that consistently brings in more than 100,000 concurrent players at a time. The thing is, there are just so many Discord servers out there, and figuring out which ones are right for you can be a tall order. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 RUST Discord servers around and a bit of info about each one. Rust Rust is one of the biggest RUST Discord servers around, with a total member count just shy of 25,000 members and an online presence of nearly 10,000 online users at a time. It offers 17 different RUST servers across both US and EU regions, along with 30 staff members to help moderate the game and provide assistance to its player base. 

They’ve even got their own store where you can purchase kits and perks. To learn more, check out their official website at

Iceberg Gaming

Iceberg Gaming is another popular RUST-based Discord server that has managed to gather a pretty massive following of over 16,000 members, more than 9,000 of whom are usually online at any given time. They’ve got kits up for sale which you can check out here and there’s a dedicated channel for gamers looking for clans or other players to run with.

The in-game rules are pretty simple. Don’t cheat, make hacking threats, discriminatory comments, advertise other servers, etc. The Discord rules are fairly similar. Keep your nose clean and you should have a great time.


Rustomantic.GG offers five EU-based RUST Steam servers, each with varying wipe timings, gathering/loot rates, and other buffed in-game mechanics. There’s a recruitment channel that’s filled with clans looking for new blood and players in search of new teams to join. 

There’s also a nifty scam-awareness section that helps players stay vigilant against malicious users. You’ll be sharing the Discord with a lot of Russian speakers, but, luckily enough, there are dedicated general chats for both English and Russian. is a Discord server that boasts six different RUST Steam servers to enjoy, whether you’re into Solo, Duo, Trio, or Quad gameplay modes. The servers are modded slightly to add quality of life features, such as providing players between a 2x – 5x increase in resource generation and certain gameplay mechanic speeds.

This adds a welcome little bump to the overall enjoyment of the game. You can check out the available servers, discord, and online store on their official website – is a more lighthearted Discord server that aims to help RUST gamers find other players to enjoy the game with. It’s a server that’s 8,000 members strong, with nearly 1,500 users regularly online. Unlike most Discords servers that cater primarily to Steam players, this one is console-friendly as well, so it doesn’t matter if you’re playing on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

You can give their official website a look at, where you’ll find some helpful blog posts and a really handy tool that helps players find groups to join in the region, language, or platform of their choosing.

Rust Looking For Group

Similar to the previous entry on this list, Rust Looking For Group is another Discord server whose purpose is to connect players of the game with one another. The roles on the Discord are designed to help you find players with similar hours of gameplay, age, and server region as yourself. It may sound and look like a simple Discord server, but it regularly gets more than 1,800 online users at a time and has a total member count of over 6,600 members.

Rust Arabia

Contrary to what its name suggests, Rust Arabia is a Discord server for RUST players from all around the globe, whether you’re a greenhorn or a veteran in the game. It regularly hosts events and real cash prizes, along with its fair share of giveaways. If a more competitive RUST environment is what you’re after, then this is a good place. 

There’s also a helpful find-a-team section where you can find clan/team postings or you can advertise yourself in hopes that a clan or fellow player will pick you up.

Galaxy Rust

Galaxy Rust has been around as a Discord server for just under a year now and it has already managed to rack up a respectable member base of more than 2,800 users. It regularly hosts more than 500 players at any given time and offers one grid servers for Australia, the United States, and Europe. You can expect regular giveaways, tons of events, and loads of eager RUST players eager to game.

Official RustNRelax

The Official RustNRelax Discord server has been going strong for over two years now, offering meticulously selected quality of life plugins, as well as paid and free plugins without any pay to win systems. VIP packages are up for purchase on their official website and the proceeds all go to maintaining the high-performance game servers. As for game modes, you have your choice of Solo, Duo, Trio, Max5, and Vanilla+.


Last, but certainly not the least, is LucidGaming – home of one of the best Vanilla+ servers the game has to offer. The devs put in a whole lot of effort to bring a high-performing server with optimized plugins to give their players the best experience. If you want to learn more about LucidGaming, check out their website at for information about their leaderboards, server status, player support, and more.


Joining any of the aforementioned Discord servers is sure to take your RUST gaming experience to the next level. Just make sure to take the time to read through both the in-game and Discord rules so you’re positive that it’s something you can agree with, and always check if it caters to the platform you game on. 

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