5 Most Popular Discord Servers for DayZ

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DayZ is a famous multiplayer video game first released for Xbox and PlayStation players in 2013. Here, gamers must survive a mysterious plague by killing the infected population and cooperating with other players.

Playing DayZ becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable when you’re part of a community. With a Discord server, you can meet new players and form teams. But which server suits your gaming needs more?

We’ve listed five of the most popular Discord servers for DayZ.

DayZ Underground

The first DayZ Discord server on our list is DayZ Underground. Otherwise known as DUG, this server contains a hardcore and loving gaming community.

It takes pride in forming organic interactions between gamers while nurturing the core values of the video game. There are no limitations on your interactions and kills with other players. But it has a player limit of 75 at a time.

In this custom-modded Discord server, you can join or form various factions. There’s also a central hub for questions that other players can view and answer.

If you want to experience a unique DayZ experience, visit DayZ Underground here. You must apply first before you can enter the server.

Forged Survivor

The Forged Survivor Discord server is a standalone DayZ community with more than 450 members. At any given time, you can catch over 70 gamers online.

While the Forged Survivor Discord server doesn’t enforce strict rules, players can still get banned for harassment and cheating. Instead, it focuses on building organic gamer interaction through a lightly-modded community.

Apart from this, the Forged Survivor Discord server balances hardcore survival skills and different playing styles for a more enjoyable experience. You can expect increased zombies and reduced supplies and equipment.

Read more about Forged Survivor’s rules and server information here.

DayZ n’ Chill

With over 1,800 players, the DayZ n’ Chill Discord server has become a promising gaming hub for avid DayZ enthusiasts. You can scavenge the world and build factions with 300 active gamers every day.

DayZ n’ Chill is an ideal role-playing community for hardcore and casual players of any skill level. You can also meet and learn from content creators on this Discord server.

Be part of a safe community with mature and diverse DayZ role players at DayZ n’ Chill.

Trump’s Wall

The Trump’s Wall Discord server is one of the largest gaming communities for DayZ players. It currently has over 1,700 members, with at least 500 active gamers at a given moment.

This lightly-modded Discord server is an ideal hotspot for PVP players. It features different text channels where you can post memes, NSFW content, and video streams. You can even take part in lengthy debates over politics or the usual DayZ content.

On top of this, players can team up and scavenge the world in factions. There are also regular events where you and your allegiance can play DayZ together.

Additionally, the server admins actively help players in need or ban rule breakers. If you want to meet tons of new DayZ players, you can visit Trump’s Wall here.

DayZ Colony

Another popular DayZ Discord server is DayZ Colony. It’s open to almost any kind of player, regardless of their playing style and level.

DayZ Colony has multiple servers — Role-Play, PVP, PVE, or Hardcore Survival — where players can choose which suits their skills and needs more. It also hosts regular events that keep its servers enjoyable and exciting.

On top of that, DayZ Colony has admins that are active 24/7. So you can send your inquiries and get a response within a few minutes. They also settle disputes among players to ensure a healthy gaming atmosphere.

Check out which dedicated server is for you by visiting the DayZ Colony Discord server here. Remember to check out its rules first before sending in your application.


Getting a unique DayZ experience is possible when you play with other gamers. With a reputable and popular Discord server, you can form allegiances and beat the infected. Remember to follow your community’s rules, so you won’t get kicked out or banned.

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