Most Popular Discord Servers for Conan Exiles

Discord Servers

Since Conan Exiles is best played with friends or random strangers, joining a Discord server with other Conan Exiles players can boost your experience. But finding the perfect online server can be a huge struggle.

So we’re here to show you the best Discord servers for your favorite survival video game. We’ve outlined the top 5 Conan Exiles Discord servers here.

Conan Exiles Discord

There’s no official Discord server for Conan Exiles. However, its closest gaming community, known as the Conan Exiles Discord server, is maintained by players and enthusiasts.

The Conan Exiles Discord server has at least 13,000 members and 4,500 active players daily. You’ll catch different individuals with various roles like admin, elites, modders, tutorialists, and regular members.

Elites will help you whenever you have questions or concerns. They also participate in discussions at any of the server’s text channels. On the other hand, modders create Conan Exiles mods, while tutorialists make streams, guides, and videos to help you navigate the game.

Besides these, the Conan Exiles Discord server caters to PC, PS4, and Xbox players. You’ll find tips from the pros and a list of upcoming events and challenges. You can also look for new groups recommended by other Conan gamers.

Salty Zombies

Salty Zombies is a global gaming community with over 6,900 members and at least 1,900 online players regularly. Unlike the Conan Exiles Discord server, Salty Zombies hosts multiple survival games like Rust, ARK, and Atlas. So it’s an ideal gaming hub for players that play other survival games.

At Salty Zombies, you can meet and hang out with your friends or random strangers. It’s a PVE server that contains individuals of various levels and skills. You’ll find beginners and pros who can give you top advice, tricks, and the ins and outs of Conan Exiles.

There are also different channels dedicated to funny memes, photos of the Salty Zombies members, and other amazing pictures you may want to share with other players. On top of this, you can invite a music bot and listen to your favorite hits while hanging out with your new friends.

Once you’re in the Salt Zombies Discord server, the rules are pretty straightforward. There’s no room for insults, cheats, and advertisements of other gaming servers. Players also can’t debate over politics, religion, and controversial topics to keep the community’s atmosphere welcoming and inclusive.

G&G Gaming – A Survival Gaming Community

If you want to be part of a small Conan Exiles Discord server, you can check out G&G Gaming here. It has over 250 members, as of writing, where at least 40 players are online at any given moment.

The G&G Gaming Discord server is an unofficial survival crafting community that hosts multiple survival games. So besides Conan Exiles, you’ll also find channels for ARK: Survival Evolved, V Rising, and many more.

Furthermore, this Discord server caters to the PS4 players of Conan Exiles. It hosts timely raffles and giveaways for all its community members. G&G Gaming also lets you play with other Conan players with the following stats: 8x harvests, fast crafting, lower crafting costs, high stamina, and instant pets.

Gamer Syndicate

There are plenty of things to do at the Gamer Syndicate Discord server. You can participate in movie nights, anime nights, karaoke, and game nights. You can also learn new trivia, answer quizzes, and celebrate your birthday here because of its different bots.

Since it’s relatively new, the Gamer Syndicate Discord server has over 552 members and 180 online players at any given time. You can choose among its available game categories, such as shooter and roleplaying, on top of the survival genre.

Conan players will also enjoy this Discord server’s responsive admins and mods. They even ask for your suggestions to improve the Gamer Syndicate server.

Better Builders Bureau

Better Builders Bureau is a popular gaming community with more than 5,000 members and 2,400 online players. Unlike the previous Discord servers, this server focuses on providing helpful resources for building communities and tribes in Conan Exiles.

Besides this, the Better Builders Bureau lets you view and share your building creations with other players. You can also tag Build Guild members who can assist you and answer your building-related questions. 

Upon joining this Discord server, you’ll see several text channels for video tutorials, streams, server advertisements, and building tips and tricks. You can also easily see announcements and the latest updates for Conan Exiles here.

Players can hang out and play with each other on the available voice channels on the Better Builders Bureau Discord server. The only basic rule you must follow is to respect other players.

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