5 Most Popular Discord Servers for Atlas

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Experience the pirate life with Atlas. You can build ships, form crews, and discover hidden treasures while surviving monsters. You also have the option to meet new players on an Atlas Discord server.

There are tons of Discord servers for Atlas. But choosing an ideal community can be a big struggle, especially for beginners. That’s why we’ve gathered the most reputable Discord servers here.

Below are five popular Discord servers for Atlas.

ATLAS Community Discord

The official Atlas Discord server, ATLAS Community Discord, has over 27,000 members. Among its large number of members, you’ll catch at least 8,000 active players at a time.

The rules are simple in this gaming community. Members of the ATLAS Community Discord must respect all players. You can’t say offensive and racial slurs.

You’ll find different channels for the latest Atlas announcements, patch notes, and social media releases. There are also region-specific channels and channels for PVE and PVP players.

If you want to be part of the largest Atlas Discord server, visit ATLAS Community Discord here.

Salty Zombies

Salty Zombies is another large gaming community with more than 7,000 members and 1,500 active players every hour. It’s a reliable PVE server where you can meet and play with other Atlas players.

Since Salty Zombies is a global PVE server, you’ll find diverse sets of players here. You can find beginners, casual players, pros, and content creators. They’re all willing to guide you in your pirate adventures.

Once you enter the Salty Zombies Discord server, you must read through its rules. Unnecessary rudeness, cheating, and hostility aren’t allowed.

After that, you can choose from the other game channels featured in this gaming community. You’ll also see Rust and ARK players on this server. And if you no longer want to see these game-specific channels, you can hide them anytime.

On top of this, you can share funny memes and photos on the Salty Zombies Discord server. You can also chill and listen to some tunes with their music bots.

Check out Salty Zombies here, and see whether it fits your Atlas gaming needs.

The Lost Island

With over 1,000 members and 170 players online every hour, The Lost Island Discord server is a reliable community for Atlas players. It welcomes gamers of any level, skill set, and playing style.

You can stay updated with the latest Atlas news and server announcements. You can also view some tips and guides from experienced Atlas players.

Besides this, there are channels for casual chats among players, food recommendations, and pet photos. You can also join community events during special occasions like Halloween.

Explore The Lost Island Discord server here.

Atlas PvE End Game Alliance

The Atlas PvE End Game Alliance has over 1,500 members with more than 550 players online every time. It’s a chill Discord server where you can find useful quest information and crew members.

You’ll see the latest server announcements and patch notes on this server. There’s also a lost and found channel for newly discovered items.

Players can trade objects with each other. You can even play together in the Atlas PvE End Game Alliance server’s dedicated fight zones.

Supreme Gaming

Supreme Gaming is another Discord server featuring multiple channels for various survival games. On top of Atlas, you can also be part of ARK- and Conan Exiles-specific channels.

You’ll catch more than 4,000 members on Supreme Gaming. Over 1,700 players are also active at any given moment.

This Discord server contains basic text channels for announcements, rules, and community events. Also, be sure to check out Supreme Gaming here because it hosts regular events. 


Enjoy the thrill of your pirate life on Atlas with other players and enthusiasts. Join the most popular Discord servers to meet and learn from new gamers. But be sure to read through the server’s rules first!

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