Most Popular Discord Servers for ARK: Survival Evolved

Discord Servers

ARK: Survival Evolved has been going strong for nearly eight years now, and while it’s plenty of fun on your own, the game is at its best when experienced with other players. 

There are quite a few ARK Discord servers around, and finding good ones can be pretty tough. So, we’ve put together a list of the top 8, along with some information about each one.


The RuleTheArk Discord server is more than 11,000 members strong, with regular online users reaching close to 5,000 people at any given time. This makes it one of the largest unofficial ARK: Survival Evolved communities in existence, offering 50 maps, 18 dedicated machines, and round-the-clock support. 

It’s a Steam-focused Discord server, so it caters exclusively to PC users, and it accommodates both PvP and PvE players. 

The rules are pretty straightforward. No ghost and random pings, keep personal info of yourself and others out of the server, don’t promote/advertise other servers, etc. 

You should also refrain from explicit language and harassing other members, though there are trash-talking channels for both PvP and PvP where those rules don’t apply. 

You can check out the website at

Ark Trader Zone

If you’re itching to do some trading in the game, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bigger trading Discord Server than Ark Trader Zone. 

It has a total member count of over 19,000 members, and it’s not uncommon for the Discord server to have more than 7,000 users online. 

In case you’re worried that Ark Trader Zone may not accommodate the platform you’re on, you’ll be glad to know that it supports players on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and even mobile.

There are quite a few things that you should familiarize yourself with, including specific rules for both the Discord and trading in general, as well as how you can become a successful trader on the server. 

That being said, it’s a good idea to spend some time going through everything before jumping into trading, and you can also reach out to the support team if you need help.

Isle of Forgotten Time (IoFT)

Isle of Forgotten Time offers a bustling community of players across three different servers. This includes Isle legacy, modded Ark that’s PvE-centric, and Beasts of Bermuda. 

You’ll usually find more than a thousand players logged in on the Discord, making it one of the more active servers around today. 

Aside from that, you can look forward to both Discord and in-game events, and the rules are reasonable all around. 

It’s a Steam-based Discord server, so keep that in mind before you decide to sign up. 


It may seem like a lowkey Discord server, but OMEN has managed to amass a very impressive member count of over 10,000 players, with more than 700 players being online at any time. 

In addition, it has its own game server that’s regularly maintained and updated, and the mods and players are quite active on Discord. 

It’s a Steam-based server, so PC players are welcome, and there are lots of fun things to look forward to, like events, giveaways, and shops. 

There’s also a recruitment section for people looking for a tribe to join or people to play with. Just make sure to follow the server rules if you don’t want to get perma-banned or have your base wiped.


Similar to Ark Trader Zone, ARK TRADING OFFICIAL™ is another Discord Server dedicated solely to help make trades between players easier and safer. 

There are specific channels for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players, so the platform you’re playing on should not be an issue. 

It has managed to garner nearly 9000 members in total and has a regular online base of 600 players, which is pretty solid. 

There are regular giveaways for gamers to enjoy, the rules are nice and simple, and there’s a handy scam-prevention section that can help newbie traders avoid scamming pitfalls.


As its name suggests, the main purpose of the ARK OFFICIAL TRADER Discord server is to provide a platform for players to trade with one another more efficiently and easily. 

It has racked up nearly four thousand members, and it’s open to whatever platform you game on, whether it’s PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. 

Aside from consistent updates and a responsive support team, the server hosts some pretty significant giveaways, including structures, tames, and even gift cards. Furthermore, there’s a nifty “Recruitment” section where players regularly post tribe openings. It’s a very active section that receives daily posts and can be a great place for players to find a new tribe to settle with.

Project Sumero

Project Sumero is an incredibly interesting server that made its start creating a map under the same name. 

It ended up being approximately 100 km² large and featured a whole host of different environments and DLC content. Since then, Project Sumero has embarked on six even grander projects, each of which is completely unique and consistently maintained until today. 

While the newer maps seem to have a livelier user base, even the older projects are reasonably active, and you’re likely to get a response if you reach out in general-chat. 

This Discord server has more than a thousand members and a solid number of online users at any given time. It caters mainly to the Steam version of the game, as the projects are only accessible through the Steam community.

Dino Gate

Dino Gate is another trading server that caters to both Official and Small Tribes game modes. It welcomes PlayStation, Xbox, and both Steam and Epic PC players, so the platform you play the game on should pose no problems. 

As with most trading-based servers, there’s a useful scam-prevention channel that shows you the dos and don’ts of trading, and there’s also a “blacklisted” section that posts the profiles and reasons for banned users.


While this list shows that there are still more than a few solid ARK: Survival Evolved servers out there, you always have the option of hosting your own server where you can invite friends and other players. If you’re interested in ARK: Survival Evolved server hosting, check out this link.

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